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Think all waist trainers are created equally? Well, we know that they are not. When What Waist started, we carried the standard cinchers and shapewear that everyone else had, and they were good products, but not up to our standards. We know that people care about quality, so we set out to design better quality products. Since then we have taken standard waist trainers and made them extraordinary! How, you ask? Not only do we sell online, but we also have four retail locations where we have fitted thousands of people over the course of two years, allowing us to identify problematic areas and concerns found in standard trainers and make adjustments to improvements on that format.
Through hands-on experience, we have the advantage of knowing which trainers fit specific body types and we used this information to design a better product. We listened to your concerns about trainers being too long, too short, rolling, flipping and dipping and took this in consideration to produce a superior product. These issues were mainly due to trainers being a mismatch for different unique body types. We addressed these issues by customizing our dimensions to fit different torso lengths and body curvature and fine tuning our size chart, resulting in a more comfortable and more effective fit. We then improved the quality of the latex with special “Active Sweat Technology” that will leave you drenched after a good workout!

We are super excited to get you in your perfectly fitted trainer and we can’t wait to hear your feedback!


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