The Pregame and Post-Partum Must-Have: Miracle Wrap Band

Have you just started your motherhood journey and have concerns about your body changes during and after? Let us help! For the pregame, aka while pregnant, utilize our one-size-fits-all Miracle Wrap Band. Wrap it around your upper tummy and lower back to lift the tummy and provide vital back support.


After you have your bundle of joy, you may use the wrap band to support your entire stomach. Childbirth is a transformative experience for any woman. That transformation not only occurs physically, but mentally as well. As blissful and liberating as it is, it also leaves the body with notable changes. One of the most common physical changes is the stretching and weakening of the pelvic floor muscles, which can cause discomfort, pain, and even long-term health issues. That’s when the innovative compression from our wrap bands come in to save the day.



Providing support and giving compression to the tummy aids in quicker post-partum recovery. Our Miracle Wrap Band provides targeted compression to any area you desire to wrap, and it has 6 levels of Velcro fastening so you can adjust it as your tummy shrinks postpartum. Here are some other reasons why women should wear compression bands after childbirth.


The added compression from a postpartum garment can:


Postpartum recovery can take weeks, if not months! Compression helps your body get rid of the extra fluid in your uterus, so it can go back to its regular size more quickly. It also helps your muscles regain their original strength more quickly, without having to do additional abdominal exercises.


The stabilization of the muscles and tissues helps promote healing.


After childbirth, many women deal with back pain caused by the strain on their back muscles while carrying their newborn. The wrap band helps strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, support the lower back, and improve posture.


The body changes! This can lead to women feeling self-conscious about their postpartum body. Our wrap band boosts your confidence due to the enhanced silhouette it offers! It’s seamless for wear underneath clothes & comfortable enough to wear daily, which means you can step more confidently in your everyday life.


The compression of our wrap band can help prevent Diastasis Recti.


A Warrior of ours that has taken advantage of the benefits of our wrap band for postpartum is @IHeardSheWasAModel! Recently, over the course of a few months, she has shared her amazing postpartum journey on social media. Her main tool for postpartum recovery is the Miracle Wrap Band!



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The proof is in the results! If you’re about to start your own motherhood journey or know someone else who is – be sure to share this post with them! You can purchase the Miracle Wrap Band here and check out some of our other postpartum friendly products like the Vibes Tummy Control Leggings. Be sure to tag and share your journey with us on social media! Who knows, you just may be the inspiration of our next post. Happy Women’s History Month!

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