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ThermaTech™ Body Sculpt Leggings - Black


The Black ThermaTech™ Body Sculpt Leggings aren’t your everyday black leggings. These leggings feature our innovative ThermaTech™ technology on the waistband to help target your waistline. The fabric is versatile and breathable, making them great for walking, jogging, yoga, or just about anything.  

  • Spandex blend   
  • ThermaTech™ lining   
  • Elastic waistband   
  • Squat ready!   
  • Four-way stretch   
  • Sweat-wicking   
  • Antimicrobial   
  • Breathable   
  • Waterproof   

Features our specially designed, sweat-wicking spandex blend in animal print. 


73% Polyester, 23% Spandex  


Product Care 

To maintain the comfort and quality of the materials, hand wash or use a gentle cycle. Allow clothes to air dry by hanging or lay flat to dry. Do not bleach and do not iron. Dry cleaning of clothing is not recommended. 

Find Your Fit 

Available in sizes S-5XL. Use our size quiz above, which has a 98% accuracy rating, to find your perfect fit.  


Compression Level

Low Compression 

How it Works 

Proven to get faster results during workouts with our science-backed, SweatTech™ technology which: boosts sweat production, provides support and compression while increasing intensity. Target stubborn fat around your stomach and waistline with our innovative, high-performance Body Sculpt Leggings and shorts. 

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