What Waist


At What Waist

We believe in empowerment, self-love and inclusivity. We want everyone to feel like the best version of themselves and we are always here to support people on their personal journeys.

Here at What Waist we’re a tight-knit community, and we love to celebrate every time we see yet another determined warrior smash their fitness goals.

We are constantly in awe of you all and the amazing results you achieve with our products, and we want to hear your stories about how you’ve transformed yourself inside and out.

Our Clean Water Initiative

Water is so important to us! As Warriors, we resonate with the gentle and powerful healing strength of water and so to thank you for your support, What Waist has promised to create an impactful, positive & real change by donating $1 from every What Waist purchase to clean water initiatives.

We are committed to help providing clean water solutions for communities of color and also to our oceans worldwide. 

We Stand Together

In line with our beliefs, in 2020 we donated $100,000 to charities, organizations and events that fight against systemic racism in the US.


We are here to support you all during this pandemic. Shopping with us has never been safer and we’ve taken extra steps to make sure double cleaning rules are in place. Read more about these extra precautions on our COVID-19 page.