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At What Waist we’re all about working towards our fitness goals together. So, if you want to be a better, fitter and stronger you, you’ve come to the right place.

In our online community, we share our What Waist Warrior stories and uplift each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Remember, everyone is doing this for their own reasons. So instead of comparing yourself to others, show yourself compassion.

Here are just some of the amazing members of our movement and their personal journeys….


“From locker room questions to IG inquiries, I’m telling you this product is the bomb. People are seeing my transformation and are not only loving it, but they want to know HOW and What Waist has been my biggest helper.”
“I’ve tried so many bands and never gotten results. I will always recommend you guys. Thanks for the help on my journey. I started as a 3XL, then an XL and now I’m a L.”
“I love this band. It stays put during my workouts and is not stiff so I can move around if I need to. I love that it provides full coverage. I’ve tried other waist bands but they were too short or rolled up once I started working out. I love What Waist.”
“I love What Waist. I was using a size large Define Waist Band and recently reordered and went down to a size medium and got the vest and thigh bands too. First time working out with them and I love it. I’ve bought hundreds of waist trainers but nothing like this. Covers all the areas I need.”

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