Waist Band Support Level Categories

There are 4 levels of compression for waist band support, ranging from adjustable to high compression. The compression you need will depend highly on the intensity, duration and the goal of your activity.

  • Adjustable Compression: Built without zippers or boning, these bands are adjustable to your personal compression comfort level. Built with high-quality Velcro, these bands offer flexible and adjustable layers of compression so you can have maximum comfort. Recommended for daily use and lounge. Can also be used during workouts.
  • Light Compression: For a more lightweight garment fit, order your band with a looser fit or select a band with lower compression. Lower compression bands typically fit looser and offer less support. Light compression bands do not have built-in steel boning. Recommended for daily use and lounge. Can also be used during workouts. 

  • Medium Compression: Medium compression bands offer more support, more structure and in turn, offer more midsection compression. Promotes sweat and added definition for shaping of the midsection.  Adds additional resistance to make workouts more challenging. Use to get results from workouts and proper diet faster. Recommended for use during workouts, can also be used daily during lounging.

  • High Compression: Typically made with stronger latex, these trainers and cinchers are built for additional support under clothing. Made with built-in steel boning, these products form and fit to your body type while defining your shape over time, helping you achieve the results you want. Not recommended for use during workout.


Shapewear Shaping Level Categories 

There are two categories that define how our shapewear works. Light shaping for casual, daily use while medium shaping is for special occasions.

  • Light: Wear Light Shaping Shapewear under clothes to create a smooth, streamlined and seam-free silhouette. Wear light shaping high-waisted shapewear to conceal lower belly fat and lower back fat. Wear to improve your body positivity and encourage a positive attitude towards weight-loss. Built with breathable, stretchable fabric, this Light Shaping Shapewear will leave you feeling comfortable and confident all day.

    Use: Light Shaping Shapewear can be worn underneath any dress, work clothes, or casual wear, perfect for everyday use.
  • Medium: Wear daily for compression body shaping which may lead to size reduction over time. Wear to contour and enhance your shape while concealing lumps. Smooths and defines waistline, minimizes cellulite in thighs, hides back fat, and promotes strengthening of abdominal muscles. Medium Shaping Shapewear also promotes better posture, skin tightening, and increases your self-confidence so you can wear your most daring outfits.

    Use: Medium Shaping Shapewear is ideal to wear to special events, dates, and outings when you want to look your very best.


Bra Support Level Categories

Our bra support level ranges from light to high support. Each category is aimed to assist you in your activities while referencing your cup size for the best fit. 

  • Light: Light support bras are built to conceal, they are designed for low impact activities such as yoga and stretching. Lightweight and breathable design offers gentle compression and support with minimal coverage. Women with smaller busts may be able to perform more intense activities in low support sports bras without discomfort. If you have a larger bust and want to minimize movement, we recommend using a high support bra.

    Use: Good for low impact activity like yoga, stretching, and Pilates.
  • Medium: Medium support bras provide the coverage, lift and breathability needed for moderate activities such as hiking and golf. These bras can also be worn for low impact activities if you prefer more support during exercise. Women with smaller busts may find these bras provide sufficient support for running and other high bounce activities. If you have a larger bust and want to minimize movement, we recommend using a high support bra. 

    Use: Good for medium impact activity like weightlifting, jogging, and cycling.
  • High: These bras offer comfort and complete support to prevent distractions while exercising due to the compressive design that presses the breasts against the chest to minimize movement. High support bras are designed with high-intensity training in mind. High support bras offer the most supportive fit and are a good choice for women with larger busts or women who are doing high-bounce activities. 

    Use: Good for high impact activity like running, cross training and team sports.