What Waist

Lumbar Molder Compression Board


Looking for a little extra support and comfort after surgery? What Waist Lumbar Molder Compression Board is just what you need! Made specifically for use with What Waist garments, this accessory provides support for your lower back, helping you to heal and recover more quickly.  

With its versatile design, it can be used before or after surgery, as well as during your recovery process. Get the support you need today with the Lumbar Molder Compression Board

  • For post-op/post-partum 

  • Made for all body types 

  • Antibacterial and lightweight 

  • Anti-skid and anti-rolling 

  • Undetectable

If you still have questions about our products and services, check out this page or contact us here.

Cover 67%Nylon, 33%Elastane
Body 100% Polyurethane

To maintain the quality and strength of the materials, we recommend hand wash. Do not use strong detergent and hang to dry.

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