Medium Shaping

Wide Strap Neo Sweat Band


The Wide Strap Neo Sweat Band supports the core and targets the entire abdomen to increase perspiration, making it the go-to gym solution for trapping heat. This super comfortable garment focuses on areas like the back, love handles, and belly, helping you sweat faster and increasing the intensity of your workouts.

  • Latex-free
  • Super comfortable and easy to wear
  • Wide Strap Velcro waist adjustment
  • Heat-trapping material promotes increase sweating and fat cell reduction
  • Full midsection coverage that covers all stubborn abdominal fat
  • Provides instant abdominal compression and back support
  • Medium compression for water weight control
  • High-quality materials

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Catalog Number: 161

      Available in sizes S-4XL. Use our size quiz above, which has a 98% accuracy rating, to find your perfect fit. If you still have questions about your size, please read our Size Guide.

      Adjustable Shaping

      Proven to get faster results during workouts with our science-backed, ThermaTech™ technology which: boosts sweat production, provides support and compression while increasing intensity. Target stubborn abdominal fat and cover your entire midsection with our supportive and innovative exercise band. The MT VaporTech™ Sweatband can also be worn as a support garment over or under clothing.

      Features our specially designed, heat-trapping neoprene material and a velcro compression strap (no zipper) that adjusts as your waistline reduces.

      Inside: ThermaTech™ Middle: 100% Neoprene Outside: 100% Polyester

      To maintain the quality and strength of the materials, we recommend hand washing this item with mild soap in warm water. Air dry garment by hanging or lay flat to dry. Do not bleach, do not iron.

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      Define Band
      Wonder Waist Band
      MT VaporTech™ Sweatband
      Define Vest Duo
      Vapor Define Band
      Full Body Sauna Suit
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      Medium light

      Light Adjustable



      Medium / Light


      Workouts / Shapewear

      Workouts / Shapewear


      Workouts / Shapewear

      Workouts / Shapewear


      Target Area

      Abdomen, Back, & Obliques

      Abdomen, Back, & Obliques

      Abdomen, Back, & Obliques

      Abdomen, Upper back, Under Arms

      Abdomen, Back, & Obliques

      Abdomen, Upper back, Under Arms, Hips, Thighs

      Body types

      All Body Types, Long Torso

      All Body Types, Short Torso

      All Body Types

      All Body Types

      All Body Types, Long Torso

      All Body Types, Plus Sized

      Full Body Sauna Suit

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