What Waist

Start The Fight Inside

Our Mission

Founded on self-improvement and rooted in self-love, What Waist's mission is to help Warriors achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. A Warrior is strong, fearless and unstoppable; it is our belief that although our Warriors have weathered the most powerful storms within themselves and out, a true warrior is also kind, smart, and peaceful. We truly believe in equality and continue to encourage diversity as every Warrior is beautiful and one-of-a-kind.  

Our Values

Battling against a negative self-image or self-talk can at times feel like the greatest battle one can face, but now that we have found each other - those days are over! We will help you take back control and bring you closer to your goals as we truly understand what it takes to reach those dreams. 

Our Technology

Our company is passionate about providing you the best quality products on the market and this is why we put both practicality and functionality at the forefront of everything. Throughout the years we have perfected our sizing and fabrics using the most innovative fitness tech available, creating stylish and wearable designs that will always make you stand out and feel your best when you're getting your sweat on!

We want to elevate your workout experience to help you get real results faster and make those workouts count more than ever!

To all our Warriors around the world, thank you for your support, fuel and inspiration. Fight on!