Your New Define Band

Our products are perfect for wearing at home or in the gym! They are an essential accessory to your workout routine or for doing chores around your home. Style your Define Band on top of or underneath your clothing as you desire. Best results are achieved when the use of the band is paired with physical activity and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. For our sizing guide related to What Waist product care, check out here.


Instructions for Putting On Your Define Band

Step 1

Wrap the band around your waist at the smallest part of your midsection, generally around your belly button area.

Bring the two ends together and ensure the zipper is connected properly before you start zipping.


Step 2

Once the band is around your belly button, connect the two sides and begin to pull the zipper up.

Pull the bottom of the band down after zipper is all the way up.


Step 3

Secure the velcro straps after zipping. Do not overly tighten straps.

The straps should be left undone and open, or removed, when doing abdominal exercises.




Questions About Sizing?

Our products fit true to size, for more information on sizing please read our Sizing Guide.