“Why should I choose What Waist?”

That’s a great question! At What Waist, we strive to help you reach your goal, but also provide you with a fun fashion forward way to do so. Our products each use a combination of our sweat active tech and compression tech to target problem areas in order to help promote weight loss, toning of muscles, and provide support. Our Define Bands are designed to cover the waist down to the lower abdominal area making them full coverage. They also feature flexi-rods so that your band will work with you, not against you. Our goal is to provide you with high quality products that would be useful in helping you easily achieve your goals while you are on your fitness journey. To read more about where we came from and why we created this company, read Our Story or see us on the news on our Press Page.


“Where is your company from?”

While we are located just outside of Atlanta, GA we offer our products are shipped worldwide to best serve all customers interested in our products. To learn more about our brand, visit our About Us page.


“What are your Waist Bands made from?”

Our Define items are all made with latex, but no worries we offer products for everyone even if you have latex allergies. Our body suits, thigh and arm bands are all made of neoprene. You can see what material each item is made from by checking out the about section under each product. For more information on how to use and wear our products, please visit our How To Wear guide.


“What payment methods can I use to pay for my order?”

At this time, we accept all major credit or debit cards along with Apple Pay, PayPal and Google Pay. If your preferred method of payment is not available, please free to contact our customer service team via email and we can forward your request for future review. For more information, please read our Conditions of Sale.


“How do I track my order?”

Thank you for your patronage. You will only be able to track your item once your order has been shipped.  Please allow 2-5 business days processing time before you receive your tracking number via email. This tracking number will allow you to monitor your package’s whereabouts with the carrier and will provide and estimated delivery date for your convenience. If you have further questions, please check out our Shipping Guide or feel free to contact our customer service team via email or our Contact Us Page for more detailed questions.


“How long does shipping take?”

Shipping typically takes 2-5 business days after the order has gone through processing. Please keep in mind that there may still be delays due to the pandemic. For more information about shipping times, updates and tracking information, visit our Shipping Guide.


“Help! I received the wrong item / it’s damaged - what next?”

Oh no! Luckily, we have a warranty included with all of our products for your protection. Please contact our customer service team via email so we can quickly resolve this issue for you. Please Contact Us for more information.


“My product doesn’t fit! What do I do now?”

We hate to hear your band does not fit. Have you taken a look at our how-to video on how to properly put on your band? Watch it now on our How To Wear Guide.

If this does not help and you used our size chart, were you able to get the two sides to connect when attempting to zip?​ If the sides could connect, you may want to go up one size as there’s about a 2- inch difference in each band length from one size to the next. However, if the sides could not connect, you may want to size up at least two sizes. Please read our Sizing Information for more.

In order for your return to be processed, we ask that you follow the steps listed on our returns page closely. Please take a look at our Returns and Exchange Policy.


“I love the look of the waist bands! Can I wear the waist bands all day?”

It’s great that you’re are enjoying your new band but be sure not to overdo it. Our waist bands are workout bands and are designed for usage during workouts. For safety reasons, our waist bands are not intended to be worn in an excess of two hours at a time. After two hours, remove the band and take 1-hour breaks between use. Best results are achieved when the use of the band is paired with physical activity. For more information please visit our How To Care page.


“Is it safe to wear the waist band?”

Our bands are designed for use by adults 18 years of age or older. Discontinue use of waist band if you experience discomfort or pain. If you have any personal health concerns including, but not limited to recent pregnancy, heart disease, or allergies please contact your physician before use. Many of our products may contain latex, so please be aware. If you have latex allergies, we do not recommend the use of our latex products. For more information please visit our How To Care page.


“How can I share your company with my friends and family?”

All of our products are available for purchase on our website. Be sure to mention our subscription list so your friends and family can enjoy our welcome discount. They can also learn more about us and our Warriors by visiting our Instagram page @whatwaistofficial.


“I’m an influencer, how can I collaborate with your brand?”

Thank you so much for reaching out to us. While we are not looking for influencers at this time, we love to see all of our warriors showing off their new bands and other What Waist gear. Please feel free to DM us some photos or videos of you working out in your gear. Our Instagram page is @whatwaistofficial. For more information about becoming an influencer, please Contact Us.


“What information do you collect about me?”

Your privacy is important to us. We do not sell or share your information for advertising. Your information is confidential and is only used in reference to your purchase and providing support in reference to your order. Please visit the Privacy Policy if you have any further concerns.