This collection is about VIBES, that positive energy you should always be wearing since all this athletic wear is your support for faster, physical improvement. Your confidence will shape you, and this collection will significantly help you with that mindset.   


Introducing our newest collection of athletic apparel and fitness wear


Vibes Collection

Now, it's time to change that beat. Let it flow. Feel those VIBES. Be more confident with our NEW VIBES collection.   

Confidence will shape your mindset and make a difference in how YOU feel with our new VIBES collection! 

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Black Define Waist Band What WaistDefine Band - Black What Waist
#1 Selling Band

Medium Shaping

Define Band - Black

420 reviews
Vapor Define Band - Black What WaistVapor Define Band - Black What Waist
#3 Best Seller

Medium Shaping

Vapor Define Band - Black

72 reviews
Full Body Trainer What WaistFull Body Sauna Suit What Waist
#4 Best Seller

Light Shaping

Full Body Sauna Suit

48 reviews
Define Vest Duo What WaistDefine Vest Duo What Waist
#5 Best Seller

Medium Shaping

Define Vest Duo

40 reviews