About Us

Founded on self-improvement and rooted in self-love, What Waist's mission is to help our club members achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. When we say 'club member' we mean anyone that fights against a negative self-image and negative self-talk. 

We value practicality and functionality and we put this passion into everything we make. Our main aim is to help you maximize your workouts, by providing you with the best possible gear to intensify your fitness experience and help you get results faster. We want to make your hard work count for more. 

Throughout the years we have perfected our sizing and fabrics using the most innovative fitness tech available, creating stylish designs that will always make you stand out. 

We respect all people and we believe in donating to produce a powerful and impactful positive change. As warriors we resonate with the gentle and healing strength of water, so it's a no brainer that we donate $1 from every What Waist purchase to clean water initiatives. We are committed to helping provide clean water solutions for communities of color and oceans worldwide. For more information on our pledge and donations, check out our community page

To the club members around the world, thank you for your support, fuel and inspiration. Fight on!

If you have more questions about our waist trainer products and services, check out this page or contact us here.


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