What Defines a Healthy Person?

When we think of a healthy person our first thought is their figure and whether that falls in line with being thin or overweight. However, being healthy is a broad term that doesn’t just equate to a specific body type. You cannot indicate whether someone is healthy from their exterior. Rather it’s a culmination of different variables, meaning plus size and larger bodies can be just as healthy as those on the slimmer side. In today’s blog we’ll be sharing the different ways in which you can achieve health status regardless of your weight or body type. 

 1.Your Diet 

Your diet plays a big part in whether or not you are actively partaking in a healthy lifestyle. Ensuring you’re properly getting the right nutrients out of your meals is a must to fuel your body to take on anything. Fruits and veggies aren’t the enemy, instead they are an ally that will help your body and mind in the long run. If you find it hard to eat healthier foods, change things up by trying different recipes and adding new spices to create a taste you actually enjoy. Balance is everything so along with having a healthy diet it’s important that you aren’t restricting when you eat and allow yourself to enjoy the occasional sweet or savory meal. 

2. Activity Level 

Being active brings you more benefits than just losing weight. When you regularly workout whether it's 1 hour of moderate or 30 minutes of intense exercise, you reduce your risks of diseases like heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. It increases your overall endurance and ability to do everyday activities. You’ll no longer spend the day feeling tired or sluggish and will have an improved quality of sleep. Working out also boosts your endorphins, improving your sense of well-being. Exercising might be hard for you but once you start, you’ll immediately fall in love with it and feel so much better about yourself, giving you higher self-esteem. 

3. Mindhood 

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. It’s not just about being fit in body, you also have to have a strong mindset. Of course, as humans we won't experience happiness every day, there will be days where we’re sad or frustrated. What matters is being able to recognize those emotions and know how to handle them. Implementing healthy coping strategies will help to keep your mind at peace. So, allow yourself to cry or scream, don’t bottle your emotions up instead release them out, if you can find a friend to vent to even better. 

4. Staying Hydrated 

Water is vital to our health. It naturally gets rid of waste in our bodies, protects our joints and organs, and maintains our body temperature. Aside from its internal values drinking enough water can help with acne or breakouts keeping your skin clear and glowing. You can safely drink water without having to worry about sugary additives or extra calories going in your system. It is recommended women should drink around 9 cups of water a day. If you struggle to drink enough water a day, we recommend our Hydro Quench Water Jug. It holds half a gallon of water, just the right amount to reach your daily intake. Its design comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and built-in phone and cardholder for you to take with you anywhere. 
Health is something that doesn’t come from a number on the scale, instead it comes from having a sustainable diet with daily activity, a good mindset, and staying hydrated. Daily participation in those four components equals and defines what a healthy person is. So, if you’re ready to start your journey to becoming a healthy person try these strategies out!
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