Transformation Interview with Kourtney

Have you ever felt like you need an extra push physically and mentally? Kourtney’s story shows with time and dedication, you will get to your destination. 

In today’s interview with Kourtney, she tells her story on how she overcame postpartum depression and her year long journey to getting the motivation she needed to get into her journey.  

Read her story on how she got the motivation to get on track with her fitness journey and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @Courtneywithak. 


What motivated you to start your journey?  

It took me a year to get myself together and get focused back on my health, my daughter motivated my journey.  

How has What Waist helped your journey? 

After having my daughter, I spiraled into a really bad case of postpartum depression.  

The next 5 years of my journey was not easy at all. A year and a half I ended up tearing my L5 and S1. That injury had me sit out for a while, until I could get the pain under control. I never saw my injury as a reason to stop but more so a reason to keep going and not go back.   

At that point, I had lost around 85 from a whopping 356. I also imagined the pain possibly being wore if I did have that extra weight to carry around. 

Once I got cleared, I got back to working out. I was determined to get to my goal of 199 pounds. Once I hit my goal, I just started feeling uncomfortable working out. Let’s be real, the excess skin after losing over 100 pounds is sometimes hard to hide and even more embarrassing during workouts.  

That’s when I saw What Waist tagged in a photo. I always wanted to give a waist trainer a try, but this one completely sold me with all the reviews.  

I was so excited when it came in the mail and tried it on as soon as I opened it. The fit was so precise, I used the fit calculator on the website. Once I got to working out with it, I notice a difference in my back pain after each workout. My waist trainer was giving me support I didn't realize I needed for my back. I absolutely love and recommend What Waist to everyone that ask about waist trainers or when they see it in a photo. 

What advice would you give someone that’s looking to begin a new fitness journey? 

The advice I would give anyone just tarting or restarting their fitness journey would be to never give up! If you are looking for a waist trainer to give you extra confidence to push through those reps, extra back support and help you track your waist goals please don’t look any further than What Waist. The products are amazing quality and a brand that also encourages customers!  

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