Transformation Interview with Meisha Anderson

How to Find Love, Joy, and Purpose in Living a Healthier Lifestyle 

Have you ever been in love? Like whole-hearted, genuinely passionate?  

Well, in her own words, that is how our Warrior Meisha Anderson would describe her love for living a healthy lifestyle — and her What Waist trainer! 

In today’s Warrior interview, Meisha tells her story of how she went from being unconfident and unhappy to finding joy and purpose while inspiring Warriors to do the same. 

Today, she's a certified nutrition coach, helping people lose weight, gain confidence, and unlock new levels of discipline. 

If you struggle with eating clean, embracing a healthy lifestyle, or even need a boost of motivation, our fellow Warrior’s story might be just what you need. 

Read Meisha’s story of how she overcame her struggles to now, start helping others with theirs. 


What motivated you to start your journey? 

What motivated me to start my journey was honestly my lack of confidence and my deep-rooted unhappiness. My lack of confidence rolled over to be much deeper than when I looked in the mirror. I had an active social life, a great paying job, a loving family...but deep down I was still so unhappy, and I knew exactly why. 

I decided to take control of my health once and for all. Because years of being miserable were passing me by. I got tired of being unhappy and faking it with a smile. 



How has What Waist helped your journey? 

What Waist has helped my journey in so many ways! After losing my first 70lbs, I was a bit insecure about loose skin and certain problem areas.  

I had stubborn back fat rolls and a lower stomach pouch that wouldn't go away no matter what I did... until I discovered What Waist. Once I put my What Waist band on for the first time I immediately fell in LOVE. At the time, I was NO stranger to waist trainers. I had tried them ALL. Literally! 

What Waist is hands down the BEST waist trainer I've used to date. It immediately snatched me in all places possible. Most importantly for me, it targeted my stubborn back rolls and lower pouch area. The full coverage is 100% what immediately impressed me.  

Working out with my What Waist has targeted my stubborn problem areas and got rid of them!!! Areas that I thought could only be fixed with surgery, are now naturally fixed with exercise and my beloved What Waist band. 

I couldn't believe it nor can hardly stop raving about it. 



What advice would you give someone that's looking to begin a new fitness journey? 

The #1 advice I would give to someone that's looking to begin a new fitness journey is to just get started! It sounds cliche, but the hardest part is simply getting started. Once started, shift your mindset to one that truly finds joy and purpose in your journey. Have fun with it all! 

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