Transformation Interview with Simone B.

How fitness transformed this warrior’s life and how she’s motivating other women to do the same

While 2020 was a year of tremendous change for many of us, it was also a year of transformation for our What Waist Warriors. Today, we want to highlight the amazing story of one of those inspiring warriors — introducing Simone B 

After a scary diagnosis, she started creating better habits for her health. Also, she developed a mindset that wouldn’t allow her to quit. And finally, not only did she transform her life, but she has made it her mission to help motivate other women to make positive lifestyle changes as well.  

Read our interview with her below and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram at @curvygirlcoach 

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I'm a 28-year-old Louisiana native. I currently live in Houston, Texas where I am a criminal defense attorney. I enjoy travel, jazz lounges, hanging with family, playing tennis, and living life! I love helping others and spreading good vibes wherever I go. 

What motivated you to start your journey? 

In December 2019, I went to my doctor for my yearly checkup only to find out that my blood pressure was dangerously high, and I was pre-diabetic. My doctor told me that I had to make change, or I would be 30 and sick! In January 2020, I went on a life changing journey to better my health, but I ended up bettering every aspect of my life. Now I'm looking to help other plus size women transform their lives as well. 


How has What Waist helped your journey? 

The What Waist Define Band has helped me to tighten my core and lose inches off my waist. I have gone down two band sizes since I first started wearing the Define Band. It is tight, yet comfy and has also helped me to straighten my posture (bonus!). My waist is down a total of 12 inches since the start of this transformation! 

What advice would you give someone
looking to begin a new fitness journey? 

Start with your mindset. Make up your mind that you are now a fitness minded individual and you won't go back to anything else. Then build a plan for success.

Buy the healthy food, get your equipment, get a gym membership, write down your workouts, track your calories, get a Define band, and make the change.

Results don't happen in a day, but what you each day will determine your results. 

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