Transformation Interview with Tanequa Walton

Starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy. That is why we wanted to feature the amazing story of Tanequa Walton. She is the perfect example of what it means to be a true warrior inside and out. In a little over a year, Tanequa has been able to lose over 100 lbs.! She was able to achieve this by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly and having a healthy mindset. 

Read our interview with her below and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram at @Curlytop_beauty!

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am 27 years old and I’m from Albany, GA born and raised. I would be graduating from nursing school in December 2020. I love anything that allows me to be creative such as music, drawing, and writing. Growing up in the south food is a major deal. Obesity along with other health issues run in my family. I had been over-weight my whole life and I tried numerous ways to lose weight, but nothing ever worked for me. Mainly because I wasn’t educated on what I was doing at the time. What got me started on my journey stemmed from a heartbreak that lead me down a dark path of unhealthy eating, drinking and just not taking care of myself. I kept having to buy bigger clothes and always wore tights and oversized T-shirts because that’s all the I felt comfortable in. One night I had fell to my darkest place and I remember how it affected the ones I loved and that’s when I finally woke up and wanted to make a change. I realized I couldn’t let one person affect how I love and treat myself.


How has What Waist helped your journey?

I ordered my first What Waist trainer in the summer of 2020 and I fell in love instantly because it covers my entire torso and it is so comfortable to workout in or even just wear throughout the day. I’ve noticed my waist getting smaller when I work out with it on with a combination of eating clean and intermittent fasting.

I recommend What Waist to everyone I come across. I even did a YouTube video reviewing the product. I started with a XL and I’m currently in a L. The trainer has not only helped me with getting my waist snatched but it has helped me with my posture, and overall feeling more confident.


What motivated you to start your journey?

I got tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin and being this young with that amount of weight on me was a hindrance. I couldn’t enjoy certain things like I would want, I felt uncomfortable and insecure going out, and it was just plain embarrassing. I would cry sometimes waking up knowing I was that overweight and I allowed myself to get that out of control. It was so bad to the point I would run out of breath trying to put my shoes on. I also want a family one day and being that overweight comes with too many complications. I realized that something had to change, and it was time to put myself and my happiness first.

I started by doing research on what works for me and my body and I went from there. I continue to do research to this day and I always go by this quote:

“I spent so many years disrespecting my body, what is taking 1 year and showing myself love by eating right and exercising? “


What advice would you give someone that’s looking to begin a new fitness journey?

The advice I would give someone who wants to begin their fitness journey is to be mentally prepared, do your research, avoid all negativity as much as possible, motivation will not always be there but you have to stay disciplined, and most importantly be patient and love yourself throughout your journey. I started my journey in February 2019 at 289 lbs. and I am currently 162 lbs. It’s is possible with hard work and self-discipline.

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