5 tips to help you instantly look your best

We know self-confidence isn’t easy to build, so we have compiled our 5 best tips to help you on your journey!

There are a lot of factors that can affect your self-confidence and with the plight of social media, it has not only been an issue of building it but more of sustaining it.  

You can be confident today but with just a glimpse on your smartphone or anything else that happened to you personally, no matter how little it can be, it will affect how you look for the rest of your day. 

With that said, we listed these 5 tips for you on how to look your best instantly – and sustain that self-confidence for a long time. 


1. Do You and Be You 

Believe it or not, looking your best doesn’t start with changing your external appearance but rather being truthful to yourself first. 

Do what you want to do and be true to yourself.  

If you’re crushed by peer pressure and let your true self be confined, you won’t be able to take the first step of bringing out the best in you. 


2. Self-Love is Important Too 

When was the last time you went to the salon or spa? 

Maybe take an extra day off or go on a holiday? 

Hustling every day for yourself or loved ones might be everyone’s mission but if you’re not taking a break, your body will choose it for you. 

You might not be able to notice that you look weary or worse, burnt out but others will.  

Don’t let it come to that point. Breathe out and give yourself some love. You might receive love from others but when was the last time you gave love and care to yourself? 


3. Exercise and Eating Real Food 

Now in contrast with our previous tip: maybe you’re relaxing too much. 

Some of us are working from home or might be neglecting movement and healthy foods with the lifestyle that we built because of the pandemic. 

If you’re sitting or lying too much in a day, exercise when you can. Start with simple exercises like yoga and jogging for cardio. Do this and you’ll feel more motivated to be more active during the day. 

You’re going to reheat that pizza or leftover burrito from yesterday? Maybe it’s time to do some home-cooking with veggies and fruits on the side. Do this and maybe you’ll feel less bloated and have more energy. 

Begin with making these small changes and eventually, it’ll build up and contribute to building your best look. 


4. Have a Positive Circle of Friends... 

There are times we need to outgrow people – that goes with your friend since high school too. 

If you think your current circle of friends are toxic, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your ties with them. 

It feels good to have people uplifting each other and surrounding yourself with people with the same goals as you. 

If you have people literally surrounding you that’s already on their best look and ready to help you to be the same, you’re already a step away from looking your best. 


5. ...and Be the Center of Positivity 

Do you ever notice someone being surrounded by a lot of people for some reason? 

Like they’re a ball of shining light attracting those around them? 

If you see someone that way, they most likely have a positive outlook on life and it’s so infectious, people want to feel it too. 

We don’t tell you to be that person but replicate on how he/she/they radiate every day.  

Self-confidence comes with positivity too and it’s one of the things that’ll sustain that outlook for life. 


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