How our waist bands help you maximize your results

For Warriors currently on a health and fitness journey or looking to start one, you may have heard of using waist trainers to help get results. You might have even tried other brands selling waist trainers but didn’t get the desired results. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place because What Waist is where you’ll finally start to see results. With What Waist our waist bands do all the extra work for you to get those FAST results. For those who don’t believe we’ll discuss in depth in this blog just how good our waist bands work. 

Game-Changing Technology 

At What Waist, you get waist bands infused with our special compression technology, which are made to tone your curves and burn fat cells faster. 
  • SweatTech™: What Waist’s signature technology that traps heat and increases your sweat output. 
  • NeoSweat™: Featured on the Nova Sweat Band it’s the most powerful, highest sweat-producing technology yet. The NeoSweat™ technology features three layers of heat-trapping and collecting fibers with 100% breathable cotton. 
  • ThermaTech™ lining: This lining helps you get faster workout results by inducing sweat to release excess water weight.  
You can see results in as quickly as a week when wearing our waist bands. 

Versatile Wear  

We offer waist bands for every type of lifestyle. That means our bands can be worn out at the gym, running errands, or at home. We have workout bands made specifically for exercising and lounge bands made for lounging. Whatever lifestyle you may currently have you'll be sure to find a waist band at What Waist that fits it. Even if you’re not training at the gym, you can wear our waist bands and still get a defined and toned waist. 
Our waist bands offer game-changing results and transformations. As always remember, just wearing our waist bands will not instantly give you results. You have to put in time getting daily exercise, feeding your body with energizing and nutritional food, and taking care of your mental state. Once you’ve tackled all three you can sit back and watch as our waist bands burn fat and shed those stubborn inches away.
If you’re ready to start a new lifestyle journey with What Waist we recommend our popular Define Band. The perfect accessory for the gym, it features our signature SweatTech™ technology made for more sweating and calorie burning. If you need an additional push or don't know where to start on this journey we also highly recommend joining the Warrior Lifestyle Program that gives you the ultimate 360 fitness experience.

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