How to Find Your Perfect Define Band Fit

A Guide to Finding the Right Size, Style, and Color for You 

Are you having trouble finding the right define band? Do you struggle with knowing what size, style, or color band to choose? 

After hearing and gathering your feedback, we wanted to make sure we addressed any specific questions you might have regarding the best option for your body type, your goals, and your define band personality 😊. 

While we cater to all body shapes and sizes, our products are designed with you and your highest goals in mind, no matter where you are in your journey. 

So, whenever a someone excitedly asks us: 

“Is this band good for beginners?” or  

“Will this work for new mothers?” or 

“Does this band help people with short torsos?”, we want them to feel confident about their choice to become a What Waist Warrior.  

But the most fundamental part of getting the results you’re seeking from our products is finding the right size. 

And because it’s so important, we’ve created a few resources on our website to help you find products that fit your body comfortably and provide the support you need. 

Finding Your Perfect Band Size 

Most of our bands range from size XS to 8XL.  

But if you’re ever on the fence about what size will best fit you, we have created a detailed size quiz just for you. This quiz is located on every product page, no matter what you’re shopping for. 

With an accuracy rate of 98%, it has allowed our customers to find the most perfect fit even when they were completely unsure. And they love their bands because of it. 

There is also a size guide resource that explains in detail differences in body type and how they may affect the fit of your band. You can read more here if you’d like further information why your band may feel too snug or loose. 

Can’t find your size? Tap the button on the product page to be notified soon as it is available again. 

Finding Your Perfect Band Style 

Whether you want to target your abdominal fat, slim your waist, or increase support around your torso, we have a band for you. 

If you’re seeking a sleek, high-performance band that increases your workout intensity, our Vapor Define Band might be the one. With its removable double-straps and silver ThermTechTM lining, it’s designed to increase your sweat production and adjust as your waistline gets smaller. 

For warriors who want to tone and refine their midsection and need all-around support, our classic Black Define Band is the perfect fit. As our most popular product, it’s ideal for any body type, and provides a comfortable level of compression to increase the intensity of every workout. Not to mention, it’s signature SweatTech TM , traps more heat and helps you drop weight faster. 

To get more detail on all our waist bands and what areas they specifically target, visit our page workout bands page. 


Finding Your Perfect Band Color 

Add some fun and personality to your workouts with our bright and seasonal colors. 

For a vibrant touch to your workout wear, our Vapor Define Bands are now available in Neon Pink and Neon Green. With the same innovative design, featuring a little spring flavor, these bands are going fast. 

Also, if you’re a cute, yet uniquely bold look, check out our Define bands in Scarlet red, Sky blue, and dual-colored Unicorn. 

No matter your style and taste, we’ve got the perfect band to highlight your individuality 

Whether you prefer to standout or opt for a sleek, classic look — we got you. 

Got More Questions? 

Be sure to also check out our FAQ and How to Wear pages, because we might already have answers for you. 

Also, be sure to follow our IG @whatwaistofficial and tag us when you show off those results of your Define Band. 

We hope you love and enjoy your Define Band and that it’s the perfect fit. 


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