Pretty Starts On The Inside

We believe that beauty or being pretty is always synonymous with confidence


Confidence is something that you wear every day. It’s not just a physical appearance, it’s an attitude. Confidence is being comfortable in your own skin. It’s knowing your worth and not accepting anything less than you deserve. Confidence is attractive because it shows that you love and respect yourself. When you have confidence, you give off an aura of assurance that attracts others to you. Confidence is also contagious – so when you show how confident you are, those around you will begin to feel the same way too! 


Set Goals – No Matter How Small It Is


The best way to build confidence is by setting small goals and achieving them. Every time you accomplish something, no matter how big or small, it gives your confidence a boost. When you have a strong foundation of confidence, it becomes easier to deal with life’s challenges. You will also be more likely to take risks and try new things, which can lead to even more success. 


So, if you want to be confident and beautiful on the outside, start by building up your confidence on the inside. Set some goals, work hard, and enjoy watching your confidence grow! 


Say Thank You and Be Grateful - Always 


One way to build confidence is by accepting compliments. The next time someone pays you a compliment just say, "Thank You!" instead of downplaying it or changing the subject. Try it out the next time someone tells you that you look nice today or that they like your outfit! Just saying "Thank You" will make you feel more confident and in turn make you more attractive. 


Saying "thank you" when someone gives us a compliment sounds easy enough, but many of us have a hard time accepting compliments gracefully. We either get embarrassed and try to change the subject, or we brush off the compliment by downplaying our achievement. 


For example, let’s say someone compliments you on your new haircut. You might respond with something like, "Oh, it’s nothing special. I just got it cut." Or if someone compliments you on your success at work, you might say, "I was just lucky." 


By downplaying our accomplishments or changing the subject when we receive a compliment, we are sending a signal that we don’t believe that we deserve praise. This can be interpreted as low self-confidence – not exactly the message we want to send! 


Beauty Begins Within 


No matter what anyone tells you, being pretty starts from the inside. Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can wear, and it radiates from you like light. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. So, stand tall, shoulders back, head high, and love yourself--flaws and all. You are beautiful just the way you are! Need a little help getting there?  


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