The importance of community when it comes to lifestyle changes

When you’re taking the steps to make big changes in your life like weight loss it’s important to have people that will support and encourage you. Most aren’t aware of just how valuable having a community of like-minded people can be. The Warrior Lifestyle Program is a program that not only celebrates community but champions it. Today’s blog will discuss the importance of community and how to build that with tips coming straight from the Warrior Lifestyle Program. 

Cut Off The Nonbelievers

There may be people in your life who aren’t on board with you trying to lead a more active lifestyle or those who may enable your bad habits. Having people around who don’t support your new lifestyle change can hinder any progress you make. For you to progress on this journey you may have to cut those people off. That means taking a rain check on the one friend you always eat out with. Or no longer contacting a friend that’s not supportive of your goals and only puts you down. Boundaries are important things to put in place that don't deter you on your journey.

Build Your Own Community 

It’s always good to surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you or lead the lifestyle you strive for. This support system will be key when you’re officially over it and feel like you just want to take that cheat day in the middle of the week before the scheduled rest day. Let your chosen friends know about what you’re eating so they can check you if necessary. Co-workers are also a great source for help since you’re around them much of the day. You may even find a new workout buddy! When you hit these goals, celebrate with these people! If you have a moment where you’re hurting, let the people you trust know. It will help a lot! 

The Warrior Lifestyle Program allows you to meet and communicate with other individuals who are on the same journey as you. You can share updates on your journey, create your own discussion posts, and comment on others on its community tab. We’re all in this together so there’s no shame, only support in the Warrior Lifestyle Community. The community you build can even extend to the outside world. You can set up groups or meetups where you all partake in activities like walking, bicycling, or trying new healthy foods. There are so many people out there like you striving for the same things. The Warrior Lifestyle Program helps to bring you all together. 

If this blog resonated with you be sure to share it with others who may be on the same journey as you! If you’re ready to build a community of people who want to lead healthy active lives you can sign up for the Warrior Lifestyle Program. You not only get exclusive workouts, recipes, and mental health modules but also a new set of friends that will encourage you and celebrate all your achievements. 

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