Top 6 Things to Do to Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey

You're in luck if you want to start a weight loss journey. There are a lot of things you can do to set yourself up for success. This blog post will discuss the top 6 things you should do to get started. Remember that weight loss is not easy, but you can achieve your goals with hard work and dedication! 


 1. Don't beat yourself up 

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It's important to accept where you are in your progress in life. If you choose to work out, start working out. If you choose not to, then be okay with where you are.


Ask yourself: should I be making different decisions? If yes, begin your journey and figure out what decisions you want to change and how you will go about on changing them.


How do you go about accomplishing your goals for those decisions? You can read books, study, find people who share the same belief and practices, and take in whatever makes you feel good and works for you. Whatever is not working, you leave it, and then you continue to the next thing. 

Don't be too hard on yourself. Fail quickly, accept, move on, and then learn easily from that failure. Rinse and repeat, and you'll be surprised you have already achieved that goal. 


2. Start seeing yourself as what you want your goal to be. 

 Start seeing yourself as what you want your goal to be image

If you want to lose 15 pounds, start envisioning what you look like and how that will make you feel once you accomplish that goal.


Start visualizing and claiming what your outcome is going to be. Let yourself know that this is what you want and what you are ready to start working towards. 


3. Being honest with yourself – and compromise 

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Being honest with yourself is a hard thing. It's easy to sit there and envision yourself experiencing your goal. But when it comes to being honest with yourself, you must be able to admit those top things you don't want. Something like: "I don't like working out," and that's being honest. 


The catch is: you say you don't like to work out, and then start listing why you don't want to. Before you skip to the following reason, think about the first reason that you wrote: "I don't like to work out because it's not fun." It's just not fun, and I want to torture myself today – and again, that's being honest with yourself. 


Good thing some workouts are fun, or ask yourself again: what would you find more fun personally? Is there an activity you would find fun that is still some form of exercise? 


Once you can compromise with yourself, move on to the following reason and find a compromise again. Be honest and be transparent with your hardships but also find a way to live and overcome them. 


4. Start at your own pace 

 Start at your own pace 

It's easy to go at somebody else's pace, or it's easier to compare yourself to what somebody else is doing right. Maybe those people you know are doing these boot camps with tough workout sessions, and it's working well for them - but that doesn't mean that that's how you should start. 


If you just feel comfortable starting off by being more active and finding excuses or reasons to get up and walk around – then start with that. 


And if you have something like step tracker, a Fitbit, an Apple watch, or any device that can monitor your activity for your goal of 12,000 steps a day – then go with it. You don't need to do a one-week boot camp just to begin, especially if you're unsure if you can do that. 


Those boot camps might not be for you right now, but if you continue doing your steps, you'll start feeling better, and then perhaps you'll begin to walk a mile every day or half a mile - that's progress.


You do it when you feel comfortable, NOT because someone is teasing or pressuring you. 


Don't succumb to peer pressure, and start at your own pace. It's not the same beginnings as everyone else. Maybe you'll take longer or shorter... you will never know unless you begin. What's essential is eventually, you'll arrive at that goal you've been working on. 


Those are our top 4 things you can do to kickstart your weight loss journey. We want to hear back from you as you go through your journey, so email us or send us a DM. Happy journeys! 

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