Transformation Video with Jailyn Draper

Jailyn is a city girl born and raised in the state of Southern Virginia. She enjoys singing, writing music, and posting vlogs in her leisure time. Her vlogs started out as a creative outline but then started going to the gym regularly and putting greater emphasis on her health and wanted to document her progress. She shared on her vlog that she became a vegan in 2018 and that it was one of the best decisions she had made. She also did various fitness programs frum jump rope, drop squats, and more.This made her feel better and more energized. 


But once the pandemic and quarantine hit, Jailyn's was not allowed to go the gym, her grocery shopping changed, and other healthy aspects of her life began to change. She also entered into a serious relationship, established a business, and had a lot of life events in a short period that made her health and eating choices less priority. As the changes progressed, she saw a shift in her mood, vitality, and confidence in her body. Like other people, her life changed during quarantine, and one of those changes was gaining weight. 

Her move to Miami played an even bigger role in health decline and body confidence. She was a bartender, and found herself comparing herself to others. This led to her eating bad food, making bad choices, and drinking alcohol. None of which helped her lose weight.  

“It annoys me because I let myself go back to square one,” Jailyn said. 


What Waist band Help on Jailyn's Weight Loss Journey  

Jailyn was determined to make a change and get back the healthy habits she once had. She heard about What Waist and decided to try out the products. Many women use sweatbands and waist trainers, but Jailyn loves seeing perspiration trickling and decreasing water weight after a workout because it helps her mentally.  

She associates sweat with hard work. It’s like a reward for her and gives her the motivation to mentally push through her workouts.  With weight loss, you often don't see the actual results for weeks or months. Finding minor instant gratification triggers can help someone stay motivated along the way. 

Jailyn loves What Waist. She highly recommends the waist band and sweat pants. She also appreciates the large selection of products to pick from that helps target different areas of her body. She loves that the products helps her see sweat more than working out alone. 


Weight Loss Advice to the Beginners in the Fitness Journey 

One of the biggest advice Jailyn gives is doing a detox, especially at the beginning of a weight loss journey. She recommends the apple cider vinegar detox, which she has a few videos on her YouTube channel. She also likes that helps controls her cravings and stick to a healthy diet. 

The ability to maintain consistency is also essential. When it comes to losing weight, it is not always an easy process. You will notice benefits as long as you are consistent and work out consistently. 


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