What Waist Featured in Forbes: More Than a Waist Trainer Brand

An In-Depth Look Behind Our Trend-Setting Brand 
"What Waist, which was launched in 2014, has never touted itself as a tool for body modification. Instead, CEO Marina Tyson founded the brand from an ethos of self-improvement and self-love. 

Lela London. "How the What Waist Trainer Outlived the Instagram Trend." Forbes, 8th Jan 2021.

The above excerpt is from of our feature story in Forbes. In the interview, our founder and CEO, Marina Tyson had the opportunity to speak her passion for What Waist and why the brand is more than just a trendy waist trainer company.  


Get a behind the scenes look into the innovation of our products’ technology and why What Waist defies the conventions of traditional waist trainer brands. 

Read the Forbes feature story here. 

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