3 Minutes With A Vogue Photographer

Vogue photographer, Chrisean Rose, sits down with What Waist to tell us his secrets to getting the perfect photos at home and how to pose like a pro!

One of the hottest names in the industry today gave us the chance to get some pro tips on getting started in fashion & posing! Chris, who shot one of the latest and most highly praised covers of Vogue UK, is the amazing photographer behind our latest Ad campaign for "Elements". His exciting work and photography that goes beyond the basics as well as his deeper understanding behind the need to create a campaign that was going to inspire and move people was one of the biggest reasons we felt compelled to move ahead with working with him.

The beauty in diversity he captures in all of his work provides hope that the fashion industry and we can find new ways to be more inclusive, body positive and meaningful with our content and work. With all of the challenges of the year, it was priority for us to create a strong team to work with us at What Waist on our upcoming projects and we are glad that our creative directors at Black Sand PR & Entertainment Inc. had the opportunity to introduce Chris and his amazing work to us.

If you don't already follow this local Atlanta talent on Instagram, be sure to do so to never miss any of his projects! @ChriseanRose & don't forget to check out our IG @WhatWaistOfficial to see more images of this exceptional campaign!



Tell us more about how you got started as a photographer?

I started photography right when I graduated college. I had just finished my 4 year degree in finance and still had some scholarship money left over, so I purchased my first camera for $2500. Which was a huge deal for me at the time.



What is your favorite career making shoot you have done and why?

So far it has to be my British Vogue cover. Not only because it is Vogue but because it represented so much of what my work stands for.


So tell us, how do we hit those perfect angles to show off our curves? 

Lol, You have to practice in the mirror to learn to trick the eye with posing. You’ll eventually know how to position your body in the most flattering way. Also camera positioning. Lower angles are always better than higher.


Let’s be honest, friends don’t always get the best pics of us! How can we get amazing shots with an iPhone or guide them? 

It’s all about the lighting and having steady hands. Or if you don’t have steady hands use a tripod. Also positioning and environment is everything. Take amount to look at what is around you. Your picture shouldn’t be too distracting.


For those wanting to achieve stylish pictures at home, how can we get that pro studio look for less or trick amazing natural lighting?

Always face the light if you can. Find the window and place your camera phone with the back facing the window. It always work.


As a photographer what do you think is the most common mistake you see people make in front and behind the camera?

In front of the camera, I think people are sometimes too aware. They are more worried about seeing the photo and overthinking rather than just letting loose and taking the photo. Same with behind the camera. Overthinking and being to critical rather than just shooting.


Let’s talk about filters. What are your top 3 filters and how can we achieve this look on a budget?

Well in my work I don’t use filters ever. I color tone my images from scratch. I don’t think I’ve ever used a color filter in my professional work but I do use them when taking personal and family photos. My favorite is VSCO M5 filter. I just love warm tones and neutral color palettes.


If you could recommend a couple of apps for photography what would it be?

I don’t know if it’s my age, but I don’t use any apps for photography lol. I started photography before apps was a big thing. We did everything manually. 


We got to work with you for the Elements project. What do you feel is the best part of reconnecting with nature? 

I love natural light. I wish I could shoot everything in natural light. It’s something about shooting in nature in general makes you feel so inspired. I also just love being outdoors.


To wrap things up we want to know what fitness and health means to you and why you feel it’s important?

Fitness and health means a lot to me because it’s personal. It’s not for anyone else or for how I am perceived. It’s 100% for me. I’ve had a lot of life changes this years in addition to the world being locked down. I haven’t been to a gym since February. I haven’t been active and I haven't been eating the healthiest and honestly it bothers me daily on a mental and physical level. I can literally feel the difference. When I am in shape and eating healthy, my whole attitude is different.


Can you tell us where we can follow you and if you have any exciting projects coming up?

Yes, my social and site is @ChriseanRose. I have so many exciting projects coming, many that I can’t mention because of NDA’s, but I am working on a personal project that I hope to either display in a show or print next year.

Visit: www.chriseanrose.com

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