3 Tips to Improve Your Mental Strength in 2021

Use This Year to Refocus on What You Can Control


This past year has been a tough one for many of us. From the pandemic to massive unemployment and racial injustices, 2020 was a landmark year to say the least.

And while we haven’t fully recovered from the atrocities of the year, 2021 still feels like a collective sigh of relief. A time of rejuvenation and healing that we all need.

If you had fitness or health goals you fell short of last year, it can be tempting to get down on yourself. But please, don’t.

Allow us to invite you to change your perspective a little.


This year, as you recover and refocus, it’s important to prioritize your mindset and attitude because how you approach this new year, and also your mindset, will ultimately determine how you show up.

And if you want to show up yourself and achieve your health goals, you must make your mental strength a priority.

So, what are some ways to build your mental strength this year?

  1. Accept yourself fully. This is the first step to becoming mentally strong. To become better, you must change your mind and the way you see yourself. You must accept and love yourself for who you are. Regardless of past mistakes or whatever your ideal body goals are, you have to love yourself in order to move forward. Because if you don’t, no matter how much progress you make physically, you might never be satisfied mentally and emotionally.

  2. Start small. When you’re starting out, it’s best to have an attainable goal. Visualizing your new physique and how you will feel is an important part of the transformation but it’s not all of it. Starting with an actionable and repeatable process will motivate you even more. Because once you become consistent, you can build a habit of it. Then, the power of momentum kicks in, which will make it harder for you to quit.

  3. Build a team of supporters. Accountability is often an overlooked, yet it is a key ingredient to creating lasting change. If you want to become mentally stronger this year, you need to surround yourself with people who are mentally strong. Or at least trying to attain similar goals. As the saying goes, “Iron sharpens iron.” Creating a strong environment will get you the results you’re looking to achieve — making it nearly impossible to start next year as the same person.

Ultimately, your results will be determined by the actions you take. And your actions are what’s in your control.

No matter what happens this year, it’s important for you to make your mindset your highest priority. Because if you don’t, well, you know the outcome.

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