Behind the scenes at the Elements Outdoor Shoot

Get a sneak peek of what happened when we shot the promo for our new campaign 

Our latest Elements editorial shoot took us to a beautiful State Park in Georgia. This area of natural beauty with its earthy tones and epic landscapes was the perfect place to showcase our new workout bands, gym wear and fitness accessories. 

Elements is a campaign we felt was essential. With everything going on in the world we want to empower women to find strength to follow their dreams, to continue to reach for greatness and to find their inner warrior. We chose to acknowledge as a brand the challenges that are thrown at our community and whole world right now but also to provide a project that reminded all of us that we must reconnect with nature and ourselves to take on the elements.

Providing you the best quality fitness gear is more important than ever because we need our mind and body to be in perfect sync to fight on. Nature offers a great comfort for many and with all the noise it's hard to know which direction to go. Elements is a very special campaign for us and we hope that this project will inspire you and your friends to get back and own that Warrior mindset!

To make our vision a reality we had the help of four beautiful models, two amazing stylists and some talented photographers and videographers, as well as the What Waist in-house team. Check out our behind the scenes photos below to see how we made it happen...

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