Featured: What Waist Scarlet Define Band in Ebby Magazine

In the fifth edition of Ebby Magazine, our Scarlet Define Band was named a 'great athleisure wear and gear'.

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Ebby magazine is a quarterly luxury magazine encouraging every woman to be still, be strong, and be present, to embrace her most creative and authentic self. We cheer on every woman who discovers the possibility of her true being and soul.

Ebby magazine inspires every woman to enjoy the luxury of peace, to experience a soulful connection of gratitude, by listening to her heart, discovering her passion and attracting what she most desires.

Ebby magazine seeks to support every woman to take time for herself, to nourish her mind, body and spirit. We create inspirational and motivational content for the woman who loves the finer things in life, who lives to enjoy the best life has to offer her.

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