Here’s Why Your Weight Fluctuates So Often

Why your Weight is Inconsistent and What to Do About It 


Hey Warrior, Hey !

How’s your progress going?

Are you doing your best to enjoy the process and not fixated on the destination?

If you’ve been committed to this fitness journey for a while, you’ve probably experienced the many ebbs and flows of trying to get healthier.

It can be quite the rollercoaster. And sometimes, that rollercoaster is reflected in your weight, how you feel, and how your body has responded to certain changes over time.

If you’ve been experiencing sudden fluctuations in weight, don’t panic — and certainly don’t quit. Here a few reasons why the scale might not be reflecting all the hard work you’ve put in:

Too Much Sodium

Salt is a sneaky culprit. While it’s a true flavor enhancer, it can cause us to retain more water weight and pounds than usual. The same goes for salt-rich foods and even carbs. This might also be a reason you feel bloated. If you’ve noticed a few more pounds than usual, try cutting a little salt out of your next few meals and take notice.

New Exercise Routine

Has anything in your exercise routine changed? Have you started lifting more weights or doing less cardio? Chances are that your body might be adjusting to those changes. And, instead of shedding, you might be building muscle. Not all weight changes and plateaus are bad. Because even if your weight might be increasing, you could also still be healthier.

A New Medication

Our bodies can be very sensitive to change. Whether in diet or medication, your body will have an initial adjustment period to something new. Sometimes medications can increase your appetite, cause your body to retain water, or

change your metabolism. It’s hard to know when exactly this happens but it’s just best to be aware so that you don’t judge yourself harshly for something out of your control.

Menstrual Cycle

Your menstrual cycle can affect weight and water retention. So don’t be surprised, please. Whenever it arrives, make note of how you feel and know that your weight will likely return to your average once it’s over. Practice a little patience, self-love, and kindness with yourself.

Excessive Alcohol

No, we’re not coming for your favorite cocktail or glass of wine. But it’s just best to be aware that alcohol does impact your weight. Alcohol digests differently than other beverages and your body takes longer to eliminate it. So, if you start to notice any sudden changes on the scale, try cutting back some on the alcohol intake. This is also one of the easiest ways to lose weight if you haven’t already cut it altogether.

Like we mentioned before, if you notice your weight fluctuating more than usual, the best thing to do don’t panic.

Also, constantly obsessing over every little pound you gain, is guaranteed to exhaust you and defeat your spirit.

The worst thing that can happen is that you overreact and start a spiral of negative thinking. This will only lead you to more of what you’re trying to avoid.

Taking note of how you feel, your progress, and improvements are key to overcoming these types of hurdles. You’ll also be able to build confidence because you know it’s something either in or out of your control and won’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself.

As always, no matter where you are Warrior, we are rooting for you!

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