Our Miracle Wrap Band and Uses you Haven't Thought of

The What Waist Miracle Wrap Band is truly a gem. It has a one of a kind, one size fits all, design making it perfect for all sizes and many needs. While most of our products have heat technology that helps induce sweat and amplify workouts, the Miracle Wrap Band does not, making it extra useful outside of the gym. Keep reading to find out what the band is perfect for!


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Miracle Wrap Band Daily Use

The Miracle Wrap Band is made from high quality latex and polyester for the ultimate stretch and comfort. The seamless design makes this band perfect for under garment wear on a daily basis. Since the Wrap is one size fits all, the material can cover both upper and lower torso for targeted compression on anyone size XS to 9XL!


Miracle Wrap Band



New Mommies who have given natural or C-Section birth can benefit from the Miracle Wrap Band. Compression wraps are useful in post-partum body healing process and aid in holding abdominal muscles together which will encourage them to return to a tighter more contracted position. Compression wraps also assist in spinal alignment and reduce back pain caused by strain during pregnancy.


Miracle Wrap Band


Post Operation

Compression is key after body enhancing surgery because they encourage healing with less pain, bruises and scarring. The Miracle Wrap Band provides adjustable compression so you can hold in areas that need to be stabilized without discomfort. Made from high-quality polyester and latex the band had the perfect amount of stretch and will keep you comfortable through recovery!

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