Reduce These Bad Habits that Drain Your Energy

Maintaining positive energy is a key to life! Sometimes we need to reflect on our habits that may keep us from being mentally and physically energized. We came up with a list of habits that might be stopping you from living your best life, with suggestions on how to kick them!  


Too Much Stress 

Stress is not something that is always controllable and that is simply the nature of life. How we react to stress will determine how much energy we have left to roll with the punches! Detaching ourselves from stress causing situations and people can be a good start at reducing stress. Next, try identifying the stress inducing characteristics in your life like lack of organization, being overworked or having an uneven balance in time dedicated to others and time dedicated to yourself. Identifying your stresses can help you minimize them, and leave a lot more space for positive energy! 


Always on the Phone 

We can all admit to being drawn into our phones by social media, work, and texting with friends. Our access to each other via phone has become increasingly overwhelming and addictive as technology gets more and more advanced. If we make it a conscious decision to neglect our phone during certain hours of the day, and choose to focus on more productive things, our body and mind will thank us. Try adding time limits on your social media apps and going on do not disturb a couple hours before bed. 

Staying up Late  

Between our obligations to our families, work and our social lives it can be easy to force ourselves out of a set schedule. Allowing ourselves enough time to rest and sleep is important to our overall daily wellness. A proper amount of sleep helps our mind and body work more effectively. By kicking the habit of staying up late, we can help our body boost energy, and be more productive and alert during the daytime.  




Not Exercising 

Whether we spend hours at the gym, or 30 minutes getting our heart rate up, physical exercise can help us create endorphins that fuel our body with energy. Try cardio focused activities which can help strengthen our heart, give us more stamina, and the ability to feel more awake! Leaving the bad habit of not exercising behind can help change our energy levels in a positive way both mentally and physically. 

Not Eating Healthy 

We all love a good treat, calorie packed meal, and even satisfying our sweet tooth! When focusing on bettering our health and strengthening our energy levels, balancing the good and the bad is key! Our body tells us when it has had enough of the sugars and poor diet when we see changes on our skin, fatigue, and weight. Ditch the bad habit by feeding your cravings with healthier alternatives and enjoying sweet or unhealthy foods in moderation! 

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