The Define Duo Vest and How it’s Better Than the Rest

Many people who work out are looking to lose fat in their midsection and know how hard it can be to see results! Our products are designed to increase results and skim down the time it takes to see them! See how our Define Vest Duo stands out in helping tackle the goal of losing weight in your midsection.


The Define Vest Duo is one of the most versatile items to have in your work out arsenal. The vest stands out from comparable products because it was designed to cover both your upper and lower torso to compress your full midsection, not just your upper! Having full midsection compression is key in targeting stubborn fat and getting a hold of that FUPA we all desire to disappear. The vest has fastening which allows you to easily zip yourself up and hold your body in. 


The Define Duo features SweatTech technology exclusive to What Waist and can’t be found anywhere else. SweatTech was created to enhance fitness by trapping body heat and increasing sweat production that leads to fat burn. The Duo has two velcro compression straps that are completely removable. This allows you to enjoy versatility, adjust to your waist as it reduces, and choose light to heavy compression based on need and comfort.  


Not only is the Define Vest Duo perfect for performing exercises, and helping reduce your midsection fat, it is also great wear as a support garment. The Duo Vest has removable straps and is composed of latex and cotton. This makes it extremely comfortable, and perfect for wearing at your desk, around the house and even under your clothes at times that you feel you need extra support and daily.   

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