The Secret Benefits Exercise Has on Your Brain

We’ve all heard it before, “Exercise keeps you healthy!” What we may not realize is that exercise serves us more than we think. Let’s step outside the box and analyze the benefits that working out can give us.  

We work out to stay physically healthy, but we are also keeping ourselves healthy – mentally. Although it may not be the sole reason we work out, our brain is benefitting from our activities. When we get moving, our cognitive health is improving. But what is cognitive health? 


Our cognitive health ranges from how we learn new things to our judgment and language. Being physically active helps keep our brain active and effective. The effects of working out can last up to 2 hours after your session. These include your attention span, decision making, and memory improvement!  

Studies show that daily physical activity can help maintain good brain health for those that are experiencing Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s damages the neurons that connect your memory. Working out promotes stimulation of your neurons, which leads to creating new connections for the neurons! So, it’s safe to say that staying active has long-lasting benefits!



We’ve discussed the benefits of exercise on our brain, but there’s so much more! When we work out, we are lowering our stress hormones, enhancing blood flow to the brain, and improving our hearts health. 

There’s a reason our mood improves after a good workout! So next time you’re questioning yourself about working out, keep these benefits in mind. It may be one hour of moving, but the benefits are endless! 

Keep moving for yourself and your brain! 

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