This Piece of Workout Gear Has Four Health Benefits

The What Waist Sauna Bodysuit was made with thoughtfulness and has a high-quality design that makes it perfect for everyone! In this blog we’ll explain the additional health benefits the Sauna Bodysuit provides if used with intention. Be sure to check out further details on our Sauna Bodysuit here.

Lose weight

Sauna Bodysuits provide full body coverage over your stomach, thighs, and back. Made exclusively with What Waist Sweat Tech™ technology, the suit traps in heat and induces sweat. When paired with fitness, the Sauna Bodysuit aids in speeding up weight loss and trains the body with light to medium compression. By sweating consistently, the body releases water weight, causing blotting to reduce and the loss of water weight for visible results.


Removes toxins

Removing toxins from the body is important to overall health. While the Sauna Bodysuit induces extra sweat it helps the body to excrete not only water weight but toxins too. When your pores open to release sweat, they also let out the toxins that your body has absorbed and not naturally flushed yet. Wearing the Sauna Bodysuit during workouts can help you to release toxins from your body, making you feel good from within, and it boosts your immunity.

Skin care

While the sauna suit compresses you, it encourages your blood circulation to perform at a heightened rate. Blood circulation has been tied to hair and skin studies which showed that good circulation can have multiple effects on your skin. Sweating out toxins in addition to keeping your blood circulation up can keep your skin from becoming dry and will create a natural glow!

Feels better

The days of overly straining your back in the gym are over! The What Waist Sauna Suit provides all around compression and helps keep your back stable while you perform exercises that require range of motion. The Sauna Suit encourages your body to produce more oxygen which also helps reduce muscle tension and helps you recover faster.

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