Transformation Video With Tenisha

Tenisha is a young mother of three from Ohio. Her three children often keep her busy, but she still finds time to read, relax and stay in shape. See how Tenisha finds the right balance of being a mom and taking care of herself along with her fitness journey. 


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 


I would say it’s admiring your own race. It was something I learned from my trainer. It’s all about focusing on your own path and journey, not others. 


How do you fight food temptations? 


It’s so hard but I’d say that it’s mind over matter, always thinking about my long-term goal. I have to ask myself ‘is it really worth eating this piece of cake?’ because I’ll have to work out 2 times harder just to get that off. 


Have you started a transformation & quit before? What made this time different? 


So many times! I’ve had a long fitness journey filled with starting and stopping. It was this past year and a half when I finally committed to something long term. What made this time different was me going to see a geriatric doctor. I was at the point where I was fed up and wanted to get back to the me that was healthy. My doctor challenged me to get back into the gym and eat healthy. It took me seeking out a lifestyle change for this transformation to stick and be permanent. 


What’s one piece of advice that you can give to those people whose insecure about their body? 


Own it! Show it! Even at the gym! I was at a point where I hated the size of my legs but guess what? I still showed them. 


What is your favorite What Waist product and why? 


It’s the Define Band for me! I have been a true believer of this band since I started this journey. I started with a 2X band, now I’m a medium on my way to a small. I like it zips me up getting my lower and top stomach and keeping my waist all the way snatched.  


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