SWEATTECH™ Vs. THERMATECH™ : What's the Difference?

What Waist has been pioneering several shapewear technologies since its conception. With our expertise in radiology, we've incorporated different features in supposedly simple shapewear, making it unique and life-changing for its users. 


In this blog, we'll talk about two of the techs we have for waist trainers and some of our shapewear. We'll talk about what they can do, their differences, and products where you can find them. 


SweatTech ™ equipped shapewear is woven with latex layers so your body can produce excess sweat and release more toxins, while the curved metal rods are for back support. 

 sweattech band

This tech solves... 

Being sticky with sweat: As we know, trainers always compress certain body parts for slimming. This causes the garment to be sticky because of sweating. However, SweatTech ™ is sweat-wicking because of its latex composition, making you comfortable throughout the day. 

Back support: Also, if you're in dire need of back support, this tech provides that without feeling too rigid and maintains the flexibility you need to move even in workouts. 

sweattech band with model

Sample garments equipped with SweatTech™: 


Thermatech ™ is made with a unique, metallic material designed to make you sweat more and increase the loss of fat cells. It's also antimicrobial, soft on the skin, and lets your body feel naturally cool, even with extra compression. 

 thermatech band

This tech solves... 

No funkiness or that sticky, sweaty feeling: Almost similar to SweatTech ™, the natural cooling and sweat-wicking capabilities of Thermatech ™ allows you to look and smell fresh even during intense workouts. 

Dirt and germs: If you missed reading this part, Thermatech ™ is antimicrobial, slows down the spread, and even kills the spread of bad germs. Hey, of course, it'll not forever be clean, but at least you have peace of mind you're not that dirty at the end of a busy day! 

 thermatech band model

Sample garments equipped with ThermaTech™: 



So... what are the differences between SWEATTECH™ and THERMATECH™


SweatTech ™ has better support. The curved metal rods provide better back reinforcement which is non-existent on our Thermatech ™ products. 


Thermatech ™ has better sweat control. The unique, metallic material makes you sweat more but is also more antimicrobial at the same time. 


Quick trivia: 

Do you know that our Vapor Define Band has both SweatTech™ and Thermatech™ built-in? It's one of our pioneer shapewear products and one of our best sellers too! If you want to experience the healthiest, sweat-free compression that you're looking for – try our Vapor Define Band now. 


We hope this blog made you understand how amazing the technology What Waist has developed is and some of its differences. Check out more of our products and see what will benefit you the most. Shop our best sellers below!

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