Underrated Benefits of Shapewear: What You Need to Know

Women all over the world use shapewear to slim their appearance and enhance their shape. Shapewear can be useful in lessening the appearance of back, midsection and thigh fat and smooth out shape for a more flattering look! While shapewear can help you look good, it can also help you feel good! Keep reading to find out some benefits you may not have known shapewear can bring.  


Enhanced Posture  

Fully body shapewear that covers your full torso can have a positive effect on your strength. While the shapewear is compressing your body and holding you in tight, it also works to keep your back straight and in good posture. Maintaining good posture with the help of the compressing of shapewear garments can lead to naturally better sitting habits when it is not on as well. The benefits of having good posture include alleviated back pain, enhanced spinal alignment, and a more confident posture which is likely to enhance your mood!  

We suggest our ErgoSculpt Tuck and Shape for full body compression and support.  



Naturally Slimming  

As we know, shapewear slims your body while using it, but what about when you are not? The effects of compression go on, literally! Shapewear that includes compression can train your body to keep a figure 8 shape, so that even when you take it off your body remembers. Wearing shapewear on a daily basis can influence your body to trim as you also eat right and make healthy life choices.  

We suggest our ErgoSculpt Extra Compression Fupa Concealer for a full body, slimming solution.  

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