Transformation Interview with Tierra Nichelle

How Tierra Used Her Own Unhappiness as Weight Loss Motivation 


In today’s Warrior interview with Tierra, we learn how she overcame her own feelings about herself to create transformational change in her health. 

This mother of two boys balances work, motherhood and her dreams. 

Read her story below to find out how she got started and what kept her going. 

What motivated you to start your journey? 

What motivated me to start my journey was initially true unhappiness with how I looked and how I felt! 

I was tired of moping and wanted results. From that point forward I was more motivated than ever to give me what I wanted! 

How has What Waist helped your journey? 

What Waist has helped me tremendously! Without What Waist I typically have a more boxy figure, and the waist trainers have helped me gain and keep my helped me gain and keep my hourglass figure! I started with a size 2x and I am currently down to a large! It also helps to keep me motivated and accountable! I can tell a difference in a week with my trainer versus a week without. And it's comfortable enough to wear during all of my workouts! 

What advice would you give someone that's looking to begin a new fitness journey? 

The advice I would give to someone looking to begin their fitness journey is to hold yourself to a high standard of accountability, but also pay attention to your body. Don't expect results over night and do not beat yourself up if you slip. 

You are human and this is not a race! 

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