Transformation Interview With Tonya Chaisson

Here is the story of Tonya Chaisson, read her tips on how to manage living healthy while juggling work, live and a family!


Tell us a little more about you!

I am a 38 year old mother of 3. Keyona, Eric and Arron. I also have three bonus kids, Braylon, Bhalei and Bransen. I have been married for four years to my amazing husband Brandon. I’ve been in banking for the past 7 years. I’m from Lafayette, LA.

I enjoy eating, working out, traveling and spending time with my family.

What motivated you to start your weight loss journey?

What motivated me to start my weight loss journey was getting to the point in life where I couldn’t stand to look at myself anymore. I was 5’1” and 200 pounds! Every time I walked out of my office I could see my reflection as I walked down the hall. So I would walk as close to the wall as I could so I wouldn’t see myself. It’s bad when you can’t look at yourself. So I made the decision that I have to make a change. And this time stick to it and see what happens if I don’t quit.


So, I told myself do not give up- If I mess up, just start over.


And it actually worked!

I changed how I ate. I don’t eat processed foods, only natural mostly organic foods. I cut carbs and did intermediate fasting. I also love going to the gym now. I work out 4-6 days a week for 1-2 hours.

How did What Waist help your journey?

What Waist helped was by actually having great quality products with a very accurate size chart. I knew if I wanted to get my stomach down I needed compression. I tried so many other bands and they just didn’t work for me. They were too small, uncomfortable, and their sizing was off. So when I found your brand I was like this is my last try. I was tired of wasting money. I ended up hitting gold! It was just what I needed. It was so comfortable I even wore it while at work! It’s a shaper and sweatband all in one. Winning! I started in a 3XL and now I’m in a small on my way to an extra small. I recommend this brad to everyone! Why? Because it actually works! 

What you would recommend to someone starting their weight loss journey?  

To anyone starting a fitness and health journey I would say don’t give up. Keep pushing. If you fall off get back up and try again. Be kind to yourself, love yourself. You’re the only one that has to live in your body. So take care of you! It’s not an easy journey but it’s definitely worth it. You are worth it!

Follow her journey and progress on Instagram @tonya_chaisson!

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