What is Water Weight and How to lose it?

Have you ever felt bloated and noticed your weight fluctuating throughout the week? The cause is likely water weight! The human body is composed of about 60% water on average. It is no surprise that many of us experience the same thing. This blog will explain the cause of water weight, its symptoms and how you can relieve them.


Since the body is composed of a large amount of water, it naturally fluctuates from day to day. On a negative end, your body can retain too much water, leading to extended feelings of bloating around the stomach and full body puffiness. Many factors can cause your body to retain water and being mindful of them is a key.


To avoid retaining water, it is suggested to steer clear from consuming too much salt, processed foods, and carbonated beverages. While we can’t necessarily avoid them, menstrual changes and flying often can also affect water retention.


In addition to avoiding the above eating habits, working out can aid in losing unwanted water weight. The What Waist ThermaTech™ line is designed with unique materials that trap body heat and induce sweat. Increased sweat production will aid in the loss of water weight and decrease bloating!


Our ThermaTech™ Leggings are perfect for covering the midsection and inducing sweat in the region for a quicker sweat and noticeable changes in the effectiveness of your workouts!  



The Vapor Define band is the ultimate sweat enhancer and features 2 adjustable straps, making it easier to adjust your compression and support your waist as it gets smaller! You can find this technology in our products here.

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