What Waist is an inclusive lifestyle brand that creates athletic gear and equipment to help you tone your body quickly and easily. We provide the workout accessories you need to succeed in your fitness journey. This isn’t just an exercise company or a woman owned workout brand; it’s an entire movement.

Our Story

Since 2014, our mission has been to motivate women across the world to practice self-improvement, though body positivity and uplifting fitness. We want to empower you with a confident mindset, so you can become the best version of yourself and feel love for your body every single day.

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Our Technology

All of our products use specialized science-based technology to help you achieve real results unlike anything you’ve seen before. Focusing on targeted compression and the power of heat-trapping, our unique designs will make you sweat more, so you can level up your workouts, burn fat faster and smash your fitness goals.

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Our Club

Each one of our customers is part of the #WWClub - because working out and embracing a healthy lifestyle can sometimes feel lonely. But together, we’re gonna motivate and inspire! Being an exclusive What Waist club member means being a woman who isn’t afraid to sweat. Embracing who you are and working hard towards your dreams. We are here to support each and every one of you, without judgements, questions or comparisons.

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Our Community

Self-love is at the heart of everything we do, because no matter what your fitness levels are, if you aren’t happy in your head you won’t be happy in your body. What Waist is rooted in the ideas of self-improvement and unconditional self-acceptance. Together, we have served millions of customers across the world. Join us and love yourself through every step of your fitness journey.

Our Clean Water Initiative

Water is so important to us! As Warriors and woman owned workout brand, we resonate with the gentle and powerful healing strength of water and so to thank you for your support, What Waist has promised to create an impactful, positive & real change by donating $1 from every What Waist purchase to clean water initiatives. We are committed to help providing clean water solutions for communities of color and also to our oceans worldwide. 

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