A Beginner’s Guide to Starting and Maintaining a Solid Workout Routine

Starting and sticking to your workout routine is TOUGH. Talk about multitasking. Maybe you want to do all of this but — seriously? — it feels daunting.  


However, to make lasting changes, consistency is key. You know this in your mind, yet your body has to follow-through. 

It’s OK, really. We’re here with you. Especially if you’re just starting or are considering recommitting. 

Everything doesn’t have to fall in place perfectly in order to spark true change. It’s just a matter of prioritizing your health and acting on what needs to be done. 

As you’re starting your fitness journey, here are some keys to building and maintaining your routine. 


Adopt a Positive Mindset and Visualize Your Success 

We know. This might be a big ask. Especially if you’ve just come around to the idea of working out. Not everyone is happy-go-lucky about exercising. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t adopt positive feelings about improving your health. Simply start with the few things you do enjoy about prioritizing your health. This could be:  

  • Focusing on how you feel after exercising 
  • Visualizing your complete transformation 
  • Or feeling more in control of your attitude and energy levels 

You don’t have to and shouldn’t wait until you’re where you want to be to start feeling great about the changes you’re making.  


Start with an Easy Exercise or Routine 

Many of us start from zero to 100, too quick and can’t maintain it. How about, instead of trying to lift all the weights or running a marathon in a day, start with a few exercises we’re already familiar with? 

Start with a few baby steps and then, build up from there after some consistency. 

It can be simple as riding an exercise bike for 10 minutes or some light cardio like walking. This approach will help lessen the intimidation, allowing you to ease into a new routine more confidently. 

To begin, you can start your workout routine three to fours days out of the week. Here’s a what a sample workout could look like for you: 

  • Monday: Pre-workout stretch, 30-minute walk or jog, post-workout stretch 
  • Tuesday: Rest day 
  • Wednesday: Pre-workout stretch, 10-minute walk or jog, 10 squats, 10 push-ups, 10-situps, 10 alternating lunges for each leg, post-workout stretch 
  • Thursday: Rest day 
  • Friday: Pre-workout stretch, 30-minute brisk walk or faster jog, post-workout stretch 
  • Saturday: Rest day 
  • Sunday: Yoga or light stretching 

This is simply an example but you can modify intensity as needed or change to your liking. 

Embrace Wins, No Matter How Small 

Sometimes just the fact that you made it to the gym is an accomplishment. Yes, it gets that hard. Sometimes eating the more nutritional choice will be your small win. 

Whatever that small win is, embrace it! Those small wins add up and they will carry you to your goal. 

It’s always worth it to celebrate an improvement — nothing is too small. 


Use a Fitness App or Journal to Track It 

One of the best ways to implement more fun and accountability into your workout routines gamifying it. Whether you’re on team Fitbit, Apple Watch or have some other fit tech device, this can be a great way to stay consistent with your goals. It’s also best if you have other people to participate with and cheer on (not compare yourself with). 

But if you are more inclined to the analog world, a fitness journal is also a great way to keep track of your progress. Whether you write your goals down to hold yourself accountable or keep a running tally of daily exercises, you’ll always be a proactive participant in your own success when you record it. 

This is also great to look back on too.  

In closing, if you’re looking to start and build a solid workout routine, start implementing these tips now. One of the toughest things when trying to start a new routine is maintaining that routine. Because there are so many things that seem to try and impede our progress. 

If this is you, stay encouraged and get active in our community. We have many supportive Warriors who right where you are and know exactly what you’re experiencing.  

And no matter what stage you’re in, know that you aren’t alone. It's all part of the process of improving, remaining consistent, and becoming your best self. 

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