Breaking Cycles With Warrior Sakiyah

In today’s Warrior interview we have our Warrior Sakiyah who has undergone a transformative fitness journey. She shares with us not only her journey to health but also her experience with motherhood. 



Read more about her journey below! 


Introduce yourself & tell us a little more about you. 


My name is Sakiyah, and I am a mother of three. I work in the healthcare industry. I’m also a hip-hop cardio dance instructor with my sister Jené. I began my fitness journey in 2011, I had a lot of offs and on, ups and downs during that time. 


What is confidence to you? 


For me that is just simply loving who I am inside and out and feeling good about it. I own my happiness and don’t allow anyone to dictate who I am, how I should look or how I should feel inside. It’s my naturalistic true self, that’s my confidence. 


What made you decide that you needed to make a change & start a healthy lifestyle? 


It’s two things I can pinpoint as my reason for changing. The first is I suffered from a lot of GI issues in the past. So, health and nutrition were something important for me to buckle down on. The other reason honestly speaking was clothes. I was drastically going up and down in size. I was on a budget and constantly balling out on clothes was something I couldn’t keep doing. 


Have you started a transformation & quit before? What made this time different? 


I’ve done plenty of them. I’ve completed some, failed some, been in challenges where I won some. I actually loved the challenges. They helped me hold myself accountable, keeping me focused and consistent. What changed this time around was how I felt spiritually, my spiritual instincts were different. 


Tell us about your motherhood journey. How has becoming a mother changed your body or how you approach fitness? 


Motherhood has changed every aspect of my life. It’s changed me mentally, physically, emotionally. Us mothers are juggling many different things 24/7 around the clock. Sometimes you feel like there’s not enough time in the day but still we get it all done. 


I knew I needed to buckle down on my fitness and nutrition so that I could have the proper balance of juggling everything. 


What is your favorite What Waist product and why? 


It would have to be the Vapor Define Band with the double straps. I absolutely love it! The number one reason why I love it is the comfort. I also love that the double straps can be removed. It’s sleek and undetectable under my clothes which is perfect for when I don’t want the band to be seen. By far the Vapor Define Band is my favorite item from What Waist. 


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