Here's the Difference Between a Corset, a Waist Trainer, and a Waist Band

And Why Knowing is Important

If you’re new to the world of waist bands, it’s common to get confused. After all, there are so many brands and so many different products. Thus, there is much misinformation about their function and what they do. 

And that’s fair. It can be overwhelming at first. 

But no worries, we at What Waist are here to help you understand this all. 

You may have questions like: What is a waist band? Is it the same as a waist trainer or a corset? And what exactly is the difference between them all? 

In this blog post, we’re going to explain what a waist band does and why they are different from corsets and waist trainers. We’ll also address the misconceptions you might have about them. 

So, let’s start from the beginning. 


What is a Corset? 

Historically speaking, a corset is a garment worn to train the waist or torso to a smaller shape. The term corset was first used in the 1800s. For centuries, women have worn corsets to not only train their waists but also increase or boost their bust sizes. 

Corsets are made of cotton, satin or leather with steel boning and lacing in the back. For desired results, the person wearing it would have the lacing pulled and tied as tight as possible. They have been known to be fashioned as lingerie although the material is bulkier and harder to wear under clothes. 

What is a Waist Trainer? 

A waist trainer is a garment that slims the waist using compression materials and sometimes latex. Occasionally they will have steel boning or steel reinforcement. Waist trainers that are made with lighter materials can be worn under or over clothing. 

There are so many different waist trainers, it’s difficult to know which is the best. That’s why it’s important to research the history and the story behind the company you are investing in.  

Many waist trainers focus on manufacturing the outward results of a healthy body but don’t work with your body. 

Some of the brands even promote appetite suppression and wearing the products for prolonged periods of time. 

We at What Waist have aimed to set ourselves apart from the trendiness of the waist trainer industry. Our CEO, Marina Tyson, has a background in science and is committed to creating products that withstand any trend.  

Our company is built on technology that we engineered in-house. You will not find workout apparel that combines both fashion and function like ours.  

It’s easy to put a few materials together that will slim a person's waistline. But it takes time, money and dedication to create products that empower your customers to make healthier decisions. 

What is a Waist Band? 

A waist band, by What Waist’s standards, is a garment used to tone and define your midsection using compression and sweat-wicking technology. It’s best used when combined with consistent exercise and healthy eating habits.  

While creators of corsets and waist trainers might encourage their users to wear the garments 6 to 8 hours a day, we stress the importance of wearing during exercise or only a maximum of 2 hours a day. 

Also, we don’t promote tightening beyond discomfort. We put a heavy emphasis on our materials being breathable, flexible and providing comfort and support.  

That’s why we’ve had body-positive celebrities like Lizzo and countless others fall in love with our products. 

Our products are made for any body size and shape. 

For more information on this, check out the How to Wear page. 

While we can’t speak for other companies, our waist bands are composed of latex, Velcro, and our signature ThermaTech technology. 

What is ThermaTech™?  

ThermaTech is a specialized material that helps your body reduce water weight and sweat more when you exercise. 

Our waist bands have built in technology that promote sweat, fat loss, and support to your core. We are heavily invested in materials that work with your body rather than against it. 

You can read more about ThermaTech here.

Our Commitment to Our Warriors 

We are also heavily invested in you, our What Waist Warriors, because we want you to get great, natural results without the gimmicks and overnight tricks that can cause long-term health problems.  

That’s why it’s important to know the difference between a trendy waist trainer brand and a brand that uses technology to promote consistent, healthy habits. 

This is part of our story and our brand. We are committed to making this a movement, not a trend. 

That’s why we emphasize the importance of maintaining healthy habits, mental well-being, and self-love. 

Because while it is important to hit your goals and love your figure, it’s most important to have a holistic approach to your transformation.  

If you have any questions about any of our products or finding your size, please don’t hesitate to visit our sizing guide or FAQ section. 

As always, Warriors, we are rooting for you. 

Thanks for reading this blog! If you have questions about our waist trainer products and services, check out this page or contact us here.

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