How Self-Love Can Improve Your Nutrition

Love Yourself to Better Health 

Whether you know it or not, self-love and health are intimately intertwined, Warrior.  

When you love yourself, your actions show and exude that love. You begin to treat yourself and your body well.  

This is not to say that treating yourself to occasional treat means you don’t love yourself. Or that you're some rigid robot when it comes to your health. 

But how you feel about yourself does, on a larger scale dictate how you take care of yourself.  

And we can’t overlook how that impacts our health and nutrition. 

So, in order to become more intentional about loving ourselves, we must prioritize what’s important. 

Yes, you can love yourself to better health. 

Here are 3 ways loving yourself more can improve your health and nutrition. 


You Don’t Compare Yourself to Others 

When you love and accept yourself, you understand that comparison is the thief of joy. No matter how amazing someone else’s results look, they don’t take away anything from you. 

Yes, you may pull inspiration from the IG model with the snatched waist. But she isn’t your measuring stick. The person you know you can be is your goal. 

Because deep within yourself, you know you have the power to change.  

And once you realize that, your entire mindset will shift from looking to others for guidance to looking to yourself. 


You Listen to and Nourish Your Body 

Loving yourself often means feeding your body what it needs rather than what it wants. While it can be difficult to overcome your own emotional cravings, it can be done. 

This doesn’t happen overnight, of course. But with much patience, practice, and encouragement, you might find that you enjoy eating foods that enrich your life and make you feel better. 

It’s not about shaming ourselves or belittling our past decisions. But about choosing to become stronger and more in tune with who we are and how we care for ourselves. 

For example, eating nutritious foods can be interpreted as an act of self-love. As well as listening to your body when you’re full.  

Your body often gives cues for when you’re still hungry, when you’ve had enough, or when it doesn’t agree with a specific food. Being more in-tune with your body will help you love yourself more and also help you stay accountable to your nutrition goals. 


You Appreciate Your Personal Journey 

Appreciating your personal journey doesn’t mean letting yourself off the hook. It means you’re realistic about where you are and the real work you must do to improve. 

While it’s important to set goals and push yourself, it’s just as important to give yourself grace. Especially if you’re just beginning. 

In closing, honoring and loving yourself can truly be transformative. If you stop comparing yourself to others, start listening to your body, and become more appreciative of your journey, you’ll be amazed by just how much better you’ll start to feel.  

It’s almost immediate. 

But wherever you are in your journey, Warrior, just know: You have all you need within you. And once you find it, there’s no stopping you! 

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