How Waist Bands Help You Lose Weight

We explain the science behind our workout bands and why they really work


If you’re trying to lose a few pounds it can be tempting to buy a ‘quick fix’ waist trainer. But before you do, a quick warning.

Anything that promises instant results with zero effort will never work.

With so many different brands of fitness products, it can be hard to tell the difference between what's proven and what's not. Especially when it comes to waist trainers, waist bands, or anything related.

So, what's the difference between a waist trainer and the What Waist waist bands?

The What Waist waist band targets specific areas utilizing compression and heat technology. This helps you burn fat cells while you exercise.

We designed our waist bands to get you the best results, while also looking great.

Using Technology for Better Workouts

Our bands' compression technology and design help sculpt your waistline with curved metal rods. But it’s not as simple as just squeezing your body to look smaller over time.

Our SWEATtech fabric creates excess warmth around your waist to produce more sweat. This technology gets rids of much more water weight than it usually would. It’s this powerful combination that makes our products so effective and gives you real results.

A Holistic Approach to Your Health Goals

But we’re not going to lie to you warriors, the journey takes time. And it requires mental strength too. You can’t wear the waist band and expect magical results. You have to be willing to learn how to eat right and exercise right, as well as take care of your mental health.

A balanced physical lifestyle with good food, plenty of water, and a waist band is the key to healthy, consistent weight loss. We’re all about promoting a new way of living. We hope once you start using the waist band, it's your workout buddy. For many of our warriors, it's become an essential item — like keys, wallet, and cellphone.

Above all, we want you to approach health and fitness as a lifestyle. Not a trend.

Start Getting the Results You Want

Ready to get your fitness journey started? A great workout band to begin with is our Vapor Band. It features our signature silver lining, made from a unique metallic material that heats your body up to increase the amount of water weight you lose. It’s also antimicrobial, soft on the skin, and naturally cooling, so you’ll always smell fresh when you hit the gym.

We can't wait to hear about your results.

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