Introducing The Fast Track System, 3 Piece Bundle!

The Fast Track System is the perfect bundle of products to help you reach your weight goals!


We have carefully hand-selected a trifecta of products that cover all of the bases when it comes to reducing water weight, encouraging weight loss, and offering support throughout your entire day. 


Read on for more about each product, its uses, and how each one delivers customized results!

Starting with our most popular band, the Define Band in Black is engineered with our signature SweatTech™ technology that traps heat and increases your sweat output. This full-coverage belly band is designed with a Velcro strap to provide medium-level compression and additional support while working out in the gym or during any cardio activity. It is a workout essential to burn those extra inches off around your waistline. 

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Originally $69.99 ($56.24 Bundle Price)


Four lounging and working, slip into our Perfect Torso Work Band. This is a brand new design that offers maximum comfort, support, and breathability. Features 3 rows of hooks to adjust as your waist reduces in size, promotes posture correction, and all-day back support. No need to worry about boning, rolling, or pinching with our new Perfect Torso Work Band. Use the removable and adjustable strap to create your perfect fit. It is perfect for extra fupa support, waist enhancement, or top tummy coverage. Might as well get snatched while you work.

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Originally $69.00 ($55.45 Bundle Price)



At the end of the day, sleep in our Sleep And Sculpt Shapewear. Get snatched while you sleep! This garment helps you wake up feeling less bloated and looking more sculpted. It increases circulation and reduces swelling. It is built from an exclusive material that is lightweight, breathable, and soft ensuring comfort for dreamy nights or relaxing days.

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Originally $85.00 ($68.31 Bundle Price)


These three products are ideal for helping you train your waistline, reduce bloating and lose those hard-to-burn inches. For a limited time, bundle all three and save! 


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Order all three today and save! Also, when you purchase the Fast Track System, you will receive one month free to the Warrior Lifestyle Program on us! 

The Warrior Lifestyle System is a workout program focused on lifestyle. It encourages and informs you to make healthy decisions about eating, mindset, and performance. The Warrior Lifestyle Program educates you on the foods you are consuming, teaches you healthy ways to prevent cravings, offers helpful tips to build a positive mindset, and provides tons of delicious and healthy recipes that not only help you lose weight but taste delicious! 


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