Wonder Duffle


The Wonder Duffle is the last travel bag you will ever need! Whether heading to or from the gym or traveling for the weekend, this innovative bag is specially designed for ALL occasions. With function in mind, the Wonder Duffle contains convertible straps, nine multi-function pockets, a shoe compartment, and a built-in garment bag with straps to prevent wrinkling while still having space for additional items.  

  • Convertible wear – Backpack, single shoulder, and hand-held straps 
  • Detachable, padded, and adjustable shoulder Strap 
  • Water Resistant material 
  • Shoe compartment 
  • Garment Bag 
  • Nine multi-purpose pockets 
  • Charcoal Black 
  • Polyester Lining 
  • 20.86 in x 11.42 in x 10.63 in 

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Catalog Number: 355

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